Hi, I’m Bogdan Sucaciu

Software Engineer | Author 

What I do

Software Engineer by day, Pluralsight author by night, I like to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and teach about it. My favorite discussion subjects are distributed systems, cloud technologies, and enterprise security. Currently, I am taking part of an amazing team at ING striving to build Cloud-Native applications.


I’m always looking for honest feedback, both about my blog posts and my Pluralsight courses. Check the Contact Page to see how you can reach me or just drop a comment on one of my posts!



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I am originally Romanian ( actually from Transylvania ) and the answer is no, I’m not a vampire. Currently, I live in the Netherlands where I’m trying to properly learn how to ride a bike.

I graduated with a BS in Robotics where I spent countless hours programming microcontrollers and IoT devices and of course, building robots.